Monthly Digest of Chinese TV Series, Nov. 2017




Monthly Digest of TV Series



  Nothing Gold can Stay

  45min, 74 episodes | Drama | 30 August 2017 (China)

  Director: Hei Ding

  Writer: Xiaoyuan Su

  Stars: Li Sun, Xiao Chen, Peter Ho, Myolie Wu

  Story: It is about the biography of legendary widow Zhou Ying who revitalized the business of Wu's family, a prominent clan in Guanzhong of Shaanxi, in late Qing Dynasty, and the love story of Zhou with Cheng Wu and Xingyi Shen.



  Day and Night

  45min, 32 episodes | Crime, Drama, Mystery | 30 August 2017 (China)

  Director: Wei Wang

  Wirter: Zhiwen, Xiaobai Gu

  Stars: Yueming Pan, Longzheng Wang, Yuan Liang

  Story: Guan Hongyu becomes a wanted criminal because of a tragic murder. His brother, Guan Hongfeng makes his mind to find out the true murderer. But because Hongfeng and Hongyu’s brotherhood, his investigation is stopped by the police department. Hongfeng works as the consultant for the police discreetly with the help of Xun Zhou. Hongfeng has the Darkness Phobia, so at night his brother played his role to work with other policeman.



  The King's Woman

  45min, 48episodes | Drama | 14 August 2017 (China)

  Director: Xin Liu

  Writer: Huiru Chen, Xianzhong Zhu

  Stars: Dilraba, Binbin Zhang, Tai Li

  Story: When Gongsun Li doing kungfu with her friends, she happens to meet Ying Zheng, who will be the Emperor Qin in the future. Ying Zheng is bullied by others, and Gongsun Li helps him. One day, her friend who she loves gets hurt. She wants to get the antidote to save him, but she has to marry to Ying Zheng and live in the palace. The romance between Li and Ying Zheng starts.



  Rakshasa Street

  35min, 24 episodes | Fantasy |2 August 2017 (China)

  Director: Shiyiyue

  Writer: Tianyi Wei, Chen Xu

  Stars: Jiro Wang, Yuexi An, Minghou Hao

  Story: The drama adapted by Chen Xu's fantasy comic, tells the story of a guard tour. On the Zhen Hun Street, body and soul are coexistence, the Zhen Hun guardian Yanbing Cao met a girl Ling Xia who strayed into here. Then they start a thrilling tour to guard.



  Wuxin: The Monster Killer Season 2

  40min, 27 episodes | Adventure, Drama | 14 August 2017 (China)

  Director: Dazhi You

  Writer: Ziyuan Xu, Nan Li, Zhiyao Xiao, Qianqian Li

  Stars: Dongjun Han, Yao Chen, Landi Li

  Story: At 1930s, someone wants to buy a porcelain pillow, a piece of family heritage, from the Su. Mr. Su refused to sell it and break it into pieces to show his determination. As his daughter, Su tao, clean the pieces, she happens to pick a brass mirror. She takes it to the attic. However, there is something strange with the mirror.

  Edited by Zhao Yue

  Produced by CUC& CCTSS

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