来源:International Publishing Journal

作者:International Publishing Journal


A Chen Hui

  Q Lei Yujie

Chen Hui

  Professor and Doctoral Advisor of Beijing Normal University

  Director of China Picture Books Creation and Research Center

  Q Why are children’s books so successful in China nowadays?

  A The reasons include: the state gives high priority to the education and reading of children; growing national economy promotes improvements of cultural life; rapid industrial and market developments of children’s publications; and the joint efforts of children’s book writers, illustrators, editors, publishers, researchers and promoters.

  Q As a researcher on picture books, what do you think are the advantages for the Chinese original picture books to go global?

  A As for going global, picture books combine pictures with words, reflecting the content, theme, writer’s ideas and art in a more vivid and direct manner. The translation is fewer and less difficult, which helps books to gain copyright abroad and win larger overseas market. From my perspective, Chinese original picture books enjoy advantages in telling Chinese stories to foreign readers (kids in particular), spreading Chinese culture, and showcasing China’s developments and changes.

  Q According to your observation, what is the status quo of Chinese original picture books? What changes have taken place in China’s market in recent years?

  A In recent years, picture books of China have been increasing in numbers and improving in quality. Themes and art styles become more diverse, and there rise more outstanding middle-aged and young authors. Besides, it is Chinese mothers’ consensus that children need the companionship of picture books in childhood, therefore with this consensus becoming stronger, the market scale of original picture books grows significantly.

  Q In the course of children’s books of China “going global”, what are your suggestions for Chinese publishers and writers?

  A When exporting children’s books of China, we need to focus on the developments and changes of contemporary children’s books in content and format from various countries.

  At the same time, Chinese publishers must research more about children’s reading habits and interests of target countries. Chinese writers should learn the advanced experience from excellent writers and books worldwide. With profound Chinese traditional culture, Chinese writers could apply for Chinese featured symbols to create stories.

  Moreover, we should tell stories to the world with specific localization, so that it will promote better acceptance and tolerance. Other significant factors for children’s books of China “going global” are that we should grow advanced views as well as concepts on children, along with education synchronized with the world trend, and creation views on children’s literature integrated with global level.

  Only if we put children’s books of China into more suitable steps of creation, publishing and promotion, they will play a greater influence on the global stage.