Monthly Digest of Chinese Documentaries | August, 2019

来源:AVTD China & CCTSS

作者:AVTD China & CCTSS


Herbal China II



Length: 35min, 6 episodes

Release Date: 2019-05-31

Director: Panshu Li, Shiping Shen

Produced by: Yunji Media Co., Ltd

Synopsis: The documentary Herbal China is provided with professional guidance by Jin Shiyuan, a master of traditional Chinese medicine. It tells the life cycle of Chinese herbs and the wisdom of Chinese people.

The documentary approaches the story of the grass, leading the audience to enter the secret world of the traditional Chinese medicine and feel the traditional Chinese culture which has already be integrated into every aspect of the people’s lives.

Heroes 2



Length: 45min, 10 episodes

Release Date:  2019-08-13

Produced by: Dragon TV

Synopsis: Heroes 2 adopts the form of visiting and interviewing plus the performance of stars, telling the stories of heroes in our country to salute the heroes.

Hero seeker Chen Chen and the performer of heroes Yan Yikuan, Yu Haoming and Song Yi reproduce the real deeds of the heroes by performance, enabling the younger generation to know the stories behind the shiny names like Yang Gensi who sacrificed in the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea, Jiang Zhuyun who defended the important intelligence of the CPC at the cost of death. The documentary enlightens the contemporary youth to remember and inherit the heroic spirits.  

Rice Road



Length: 50 min, 6 episodes

Release Date: 2019-07-06

Director: Haomin Dong, Kai Cui

Produced by: CCTV 9, Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China

Synopsis: Rice Road is a 6-episode documentary, recording the spread of the rice as the staple food of the human beings from ancient times to the present. From this documentary, viewers can have a better knowledge of how the Chinese civilization carried by the rice and other Asian civilizations have established close connections and formed a particular cultural circle. Rice Road will lead the viewers to look through the human civilizations by following the footsteps of a grain of rice and read the unknown stories of the human kind behind the ordinary food.

Delicacy Story



Length: 20 min, 10 episodes

Release Date: 2019-07-08

Director: Yizhe Zhou, Yanling Zhang

Produced by: iQiYi

Synopsis: Delicacy Story is a documentary telling various touching stories of the diners from all walks of life in the night time with the delicious food as the emotional container. The documentary shows the sweetness and the bitterness of the ordinary lives. Hundreds of diners tell the stories unique to them with true feelings, accompanied by diverse flavor snacks.

Two Hundred Years of Surgery



Length: 50 min, 8 episodes

Release Date: 2019-06-22

Screenwriter: Yao Chen

Director: Zijuan Chen

Starring: Jinghe Lang, Kerong Dai, Yinghao Sun

Produced by: CCTV 9

Synopsis: Two Hundred Years of Surgery is the first panoramic scientific documentary presenting the struggles of the human beings against the diseases, with an effort to record the significant development of the technology and display the glory of the humanism. The documentary mainly concerns the development of the anatomy, anesthesia disinfection and hemostasis, laparotomy, as well as the cancer, heart transplantation and replacement and the future of the surgery.

The crew have spent three years, with their footprints covering such countries as Britain, America, France, Italy, Hungary, Turkey and India, shooting the important medical museums, hospitals, and research institutions, where they have interviewed over 50 top international experts, so as to present the development discourse and future prospect of the surgery.