Monthly Digest of Chinese TV Series | July, 2019

来源:AVTD China & CCTSS

作者:AVTD China & CCTSS


Go Go Squid!


Genre: Romance, Urban  

Length: 41 episode, 45 min

Release date: 2019-7-9

Director: Xiang Xujing

Starring: Li Xian, Yang Zi

Produced by: Huace Kedun

Synopsis: Tong Nian (Yang Zi) to the warm-blooded young Han Shangyan (Li Xian) falls in love at first sight and starts hier sweet chase. Two people get along with each other in the sweet collision, support each other on the way to realize their dreams, and finally Han Shangyan is accompanied and supported by Tong Nian. At last, Han plays the the story of leading the members of the "K team" to realize their dream of winning the championship for the country.

The Longest Day in Chang’an 


Genre: Conspiracy, History

Length: 48 episode, 45 min

Release date: 2019-6-27

Director: Cao Dun

Starring: Lei Jiayin, Jackson Yi

Produced by: Youku

Synopsis: He has long coordinated the maintenance of local security, but has been held in prison for violations of the law. The Jingan Department, which is responsible for the security of Changan City, found suspicious people who mixed into the city. Because Zhang Xiaojing was familiar with the personnel and geography of the incident, the Jingan Department specially appointed Zhang Xiaojing to do meritorious service and solve the case. After an investigation by Zhang Xiaojing, it was found that the enemy's plot was to create chaos at the gathering on the evening of the Lantern Festival. Only a few hours away from the Lantern Festival, Zhang Xiaojing must catch the sabotage assassin before the Lantern Festival.

Novoland: Eagle Flag


Genre: Legend, Revenge

Length: 56 episode, 45min

Release date: 2019-7-16

Director: Zhang Xiaobo

Starring: Liu Haoran, Song Zu’er

Produced by: Linmon Pictures

Synopsis: Lv Guichen came to Donglu to meet the common son Ji Ye, who had always been unloved by his father, and the feather princess Yu Ran, who had taken refuge with her grandfather. The three little partners were targeted and challenged in the Prince's College for identity reasons, and established a deep friendship in the process of helping and saving each other. Yu Ran’s cheerful, lively, free and easy personality was secretly admired by the two boys,  therefore love is budding. Lv Guichen, Ji Ye, Yu Ran followed a generation of famous generals Xi Yan and other people issued a just division and decisive battled of the war, only to find that there is another big plot behind the battle of the war. In times of crisis, the teenagers fought to the death and grew into leaders.

Cry Me A Sad River


Genre: Youth, Love  

Length: 52 episode, 47 min

Release date: 2019-7-1

Director: Lin Hongguang

Starring: Ma Tianyu, Zheng Shuang

Produced by: Syndication Corp.

Synopsis: Qi Ming, as his brother, has been helping and protecting Yi Yao. Qi Ming planted a tree for Yi Yao in the backyard of the alley, wishing to give Yi Yao an ideal home and warmth in the future. With the changes of the years, Qi Ming helped Yi Yao through the misjudgment of illness, surgical rescue and other storms, but also inevitably ushered in the troubles of love and the confusion of the workplace. When the university graduates and the lane demolition moves, Qi Ming, Yi Yao finally breaks through the mental defense to get together. However, the ups and downs of the workplace forced the two to choose to separate.

Another Me


Genre: Friendship, Youth

Length: 53 episode, 45 min

Release date: 2019-7-22

Director: Cui Liang, Wei Jie

Starring: Shen Yue, Chen Duling

Produced by: Iqiyi

Synopsis: About Qiyue and Ansheng aer such different girls. Ansheng never settles while Qiyue is gentle. The two have been best friends since they first met in high school. Their common dream is to become an actor. Although the actor's road is not easy to walk, but the two sisters all the way support each other, overcome difficulties, and finally shine. Like something bound to happen in fate, they fell in love with the same boy Jiaming. But compared with love, they two cherish their friendship more.