Monthly Digest of Chinese Films | July, 2019

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作者:AVTD China & CCTSS


Looking Up


Genre: Drama, Family

Release date: 2019-7-18

Screenwriter: Yu Baimei

Director: Deng Chao, Yu Baimei

Starring: Deng Chao, Bai Yu, Ren Suxi

Produced by: Maoyan, Youth Light

Synopsis: Ma Haowen was jailed for an accident, which unfortunately missed his son's seven years of growing up. With his own unique educational methods and full of love to give his son Ma Fei the space to grow up freely, to teach his son the ability to think independently and the courage to face difficulties. Ma Fei faced academic problems, and although it seemed to the school that his son had nothing to mold, Ma Haowen never gave up, encouraging his children to find their dreams and work for them. Ma Haowen interceded with the headmaster, intending to spend a month to improve Ma Fei's studies, which proved that he was not a hopeless student.

Over Again


Genre: Love, Youth

Length: 91 min

Release date: 2019-7-26

Director: Hua Ming

Starring: Neo, Peng Yuchang, Gai Yuexi

Produced by: Beijing Yaoying Corp.

Synopsis: One of three good friends who grew up together and had deep feelings died at his own will and a bag of magical silver coins reunited them to experience a period of fantasy youth in the past and the future. In understanding and growing up they create a perfect memory that only belongs to them. Like most teenagers, they are as reckless, direct and reckless as most teenagers, but they treat friendship hard and bravely enough.

Next Gen


Genre: Sci-fi, Cartoon, Adventure

Length: 107 min

Release date: 2019-7-19

Screenwriter: Hao Yu

Director: Lin Hongguang

Starring: Feng Yuanzheng, Shi Banyu

Produced by: Alibaba Pictures, Wanda Media

Synopsis: A new robot, 7723, which is about to be used to save mankind meets Su Xiaomai, a naughty girl who loves football. But she grows in an incomplete family. The father leaves home for the dream, causes Su also to be affected, the character is cold and lonely. The emergence of 7723 also makes the happy enemy gradually become a pair of close friends in love and hating each other. However, the good times does not last long. Boss Pang, with the dream of destroying mankind, traces the whereabouts of 7723. In order to protect Su, 7723 has to format and returns to the initial state of the combat machine. However, the gentle colors and brilliant times engraved with Su Xiaomai have long left indelible marks in his life.

Artisan Spirit


Genre: Main stream, Art

Length: 93

Release date: 2019-7-18

Screenwriter: Tang Shiqi, Cuo Xiaojue, Hu Chong

Director: Wang Kaiyang

Starring: Zhang Di, Ma Shaohua, Yao Yiti

Produced by: Lanjing Shengshi Media

Synopsis: In the small wood carving town far from the prosperous metropolis, the traditional Chinese craftsmanship is still passed on from generation to generation.

Lu Xi, a young designer, and Fang Hanbing, a Taiwanese businessman, mistakenly bumped back to their hometown wood carving town for a building restoration plan, where they regained their feelings for their ancestors and grandchildren, and also found the ingenuity that young people lack in the current society.

Dancing Elephant


Genre: Comedy, Drama

Length: 114 min

Release date: 2019-7-26

Screenwriter: Chen Shu

Director: Lin Yuxian

Starring: Allen, Jin Chunhua, Pengyang

Produced by: Alibaba, Beijing Friendship Forever

Synopsis: Li Chunxia, a 13-year-old girl who loves to dance, was unfortunately involved in a car accident. After 15 years of sleep, she miraculously woke up and woke up to find that life had undergone earth-shaking changes. She not only lost 15 years of common sense in life, but also soared to 100kg in weight. But in order to fulfill her dream of dancing on the stage, she reunited with three of her childhood companions, bumping into Pi Baoshi, the founder of the soul dancer training class, and a magnificent special training for the devil began.