Monthly Digest of Chinese Documentaries | July, 2019

来源:AVTD China & CCTSS

作者:AVTD China & CCTSS


The Story of Chuaner II

 人生一串 第二季


Length: 6 episodes, 45min

Release date: 2019-7-10

Director: Chen Yingjie, Zhang Yueming, Jin Ying, Zhao Huaiyan

Starring: Chen Yingjie, Zhang Yueming

Produced by: Tencent Video

Synopsis: Wind and snow, a solo roast chicken rack, this is the color of life; seasoning is not enough, but also a little spicy, this is a wanton hobby; peddlers walk, soup noodles are enough, this is the collocation of words; old eaters wave, know that the old people, this is the precipitation of time. "A long way to go, see you next year" is the conclusion of

The Story Of Chuaner Ⅰ. For the expectation of the audience, we can't break our promise.

Taste Humanity At Night



Length: 8 episodes, 30 min

Release date: 2019-7-2

Screenwriter: Wu Xuejing

Director: Du Xing

Starring: Zhou Yang

Produced by: Tencent Video

Synopsis: The camera focuses on the food of the night market, and embodies the character of each city in the night incisively and vividly, truly records the picture of night market life in Chinese cities, and explores the local midnight snack culture. Starting from Shenyang, the "city of iron and steel", it is based on food index, walking in eight major cities, namely, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Nanning, Wuhan, Xiamen and completes the exploration of Chinese midnight snack food.

It’s Bread, It’s Air, It’s a Miracle



Length: 8 episodes, 45min

Release date: 2019-6-27

Starring: Chen Li, Xia Yu, Xi Chuan

Produced by: Tencent Penguin Pictures

Synopsis: Taking Japan as the destination of the cultural trip in the first season, a total of eight episodes cover cultural phenomena and lifestyles, cutting into eight angles: eating, drinking, architecture, design, quadratic, occupation, emotion, and free travel. Chen Li (musician), Xi Chuan (poet) and Xia Yu (actor) in each episode will take three books to different places to touch the real Japan, to solve their own confusion, to explore their own answers. At the same time, they stimulate the audience's desire to read, the desire to travel, lead the audience to empathize, broaden their horizons at the same time to re-understand themselves, re-understand the purpose of travel and the meaning of reading.

Taste of Cantonese SE4

老广的味道 第四季


Length: 7 episodes, 45 min

Release date: 2019-6-18

Screenwriter: Liu Fei, Liu Chenguang, Shi Shi

Director: Li Yiping

Starring: Tang Yi

Produced by: Syndication Corp.

Synopsis: The fourth season of Taste of Cantonese as a total of seven episodes, the themes are: overseas Chinese flavor, midnight snack, good fruit, wild taste, spices, chef and snacks.

The production team goes up the mountain and down the sea, searching for the delicacy of nature, and goes deep into the source of food, which will bring you the most authentic old and wide taste.