Monthly Digest of Chinese Films | April, 2019

来源:AVTD China & CCTSS

作者:AVTD China & CCTSS





Genre: Drama

Length: 86min

Release date: 2019-4-26(China)2018-9-4(Italy)

Screenwriter: Pema Tseden

Director: Pema Tseden

Starring: Jinpa, Genden Phunsok, Sonam Wangmo

Produced by: Jet Tone Film Production

Synopsis: On a desolate road passing through the vast barren plains of Tibet, a truck driver, who accidentally ran over a sheep, chances upon a young man, who is hitching a ride. As they drive and chat, the truck driver notices that his new friend has a silver dagger strapped to his leg. He comes to realize that this man is out to kill someone who wronged him before. As he drops the hitchhiker off at a fork in the road, little does the truck driver realize that everything has changed already, and that their destinies are inexorably intertwined. 

The Game of Desire



Genre: Drama, Crime, Mystery  

Length: 109min

Release date: 2019-4-12

Screenwriter: Huan Shu, Yue Cai, Tongzheng Wang

Director: Tao Guo

Starring: Tao Gou, Zifeng Zhang, Chao Jiang, Ting Mei

Produced by: Beijing Hairun Pictures Co,Ltd

Synopsis: In 2020, Guo Shi, a successful and influential man in intelligent technology industry decides to live away from the city life after her daughter’s death. He enjoys intelligent robots’ accompany. All of a sudden, Guo Shi is embroiled in an accident and faces the charge of murder. In order to find the truth, Guo Shi and his disciple Fei Fan start to investigate the accident themselves.  

The Twins



Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance

Release date: 2019-4-19

Screenwriter: Jin-sung Kim

Director: Jin-sung Kim

Starring: Haoran Liu, Duling Chen, Rui Zhao

Produced by: Spring and Autumn Period (Holgus) Film Co., Ltd

Synopsis: The college boy Li Pin finds a part-time job by accident. He needs to draw a portrait for Tao, a girl whose birthday is coming near. Li Pin arrives at a mansion in the remote area by appointment. He and Tao get familiar with each other soon. However, during this period, Li Pin finds some secrets in this mansion. The relationship between two young people changes imperceptibly.

Wish You Were Here



Genre: Romance

Length: 114min

Release date: 2019-4-12

Director: Kenneth Bi

Starring: Faye Yu, Takao ?sawa, Ayane Kinoshita,

Produced by: Galaxy Workshop Limited, UNITED SMILES, TBS Service

Synopsis: It is all about a woman facing different choices in life. It tells a story about self-redemption. After finishing her studying in Japan, the heroine Yuan Yuan lives a successful life, with outstanding appearance and satisfactory career. It seems that everyone would feel jealous of her life. However, this famous designer has something hidden deeply in her heart. One day, a Japanese girl breaks into her life and discloses a mysterious story about her in Japan.

My Dear Elephant



Genre: Drama, Comedy

Length: 108min

Release date: 2019-4-12

Screenwriter: Xiaoli Shao, lifu Wang

Director: Xiaoli Shao

Starring: Sean Lau, Jingru You, Wei Kong, Suet Lam

Produced by: Sil-Metropole Organization Ltd.

Synopsis: The southwest of China is characterized by its hot temperature and exotic scenery.Qi Wei is the owner of a circus and prepares for an upcoming performance. Jessica is an animal rights extremist and tries to stop the animal performance in the circus. She was born in a rich family but broke up with it abruptly. Both Qi Wei and Jessica are passionate and stubborn. Neither of them could make a compromise. However, after a period, their relationship gradually becomes subtle and romantic .