Monthly Digest of Chinese Documentaries ▏March, 2019

来源:AVTD China & CCTSS

作者:AVTD China & CCTSS


Chinese Nügong



Length: 25min, 6 episodes

Release Date: 2018-12-03

Director: Degang Lee

Produced by: CCTV

Synopsis: The documentary is to inform you about one kind of ancient craft in China—Nügong (needlework). It presents 22 different kinds of Nügong and the stories of 24 women who are expert at it and their understandings of art and life.

Extreme China



Length: 45min, 3 episodes

Release Date: 2018-10-15

Produced by: The State Council Information Office of the PRC

Synopsis: It is divided into three parts: the snow mountain, the ocean, and the Tiankeng. The documentary selects three of the most beautiful and humanistic landscapes in China, and integrates the world's top production team, multiple shooting methods and high-tech production technology, which brings unprecedented experience to the audience.

Stammering Ballad



Length: 91min

Release Date: 2018-01-29 (International Film Festival Rotterdam)

Director: Nan Zhang

Produced by: Beijing Hua Ren Film and Television Production Co., LTD

Synopsis: Thirty years ago, thousands of peasants left their homes on the Banks of the Yellow River in Gansu Province and moved into cities and towns. Zhang Ga, a young sheep herder born in the countryside, suffered from a stammer, but he had developed an interest in singing. In 2012, he came to the city to make a living as a singer in bars everywhere, hoping to make a name for himself. He was obsessed with northwest folk songs, and he was also invited to participate in a hot TV talent show and became a popular "folk singer". At this time, the unexpected death of his grandpa let him realize the loss of "rural flavor" in his music. The future has not yet come while the past had gone. Zhang could only hear the distant echo of the homeland.

Flavorful Origins 





Length: 10min, 20 episodes

Release Date: 2019-02-05

Director: Zhitang Hu

Produced by:Tencent

Synopsis: A fascinating perspective into culinary secrets of China, with a focus on Chaoshan (a city in Guangdong) cuisine. The documentary can also be watched on Netflix.

Beyond the Mountains



Length: 98 min

Release Date: 2018-03-23

Director: Bo Jiao

Produced by: Jiaobo Guangying(Beijing)Media Co.,Ltd, zybtv

Synopsis: It’s the story about poverty alleviation in China. There are 20 extremely poor townships in Guizhou province. Shichao township of the Miao nationality autonomous county is one of them. The film mainly records the moving stories and earth-shaking changes in the process of poverty alleviation here over a period of one year.


(one sound one life) 



Length: 98 min

Release Date: 2019

Director: 聿馨(Helen)

Produced by: Shanghai Tianren Huizhi Culture Communication Co. Ltd

Synopsis: The documentary is to trace the history of shakuhachi and its contemporary performers through the collision of people's different life paths, the difficulties and hopes in the inheritance of this ancient musical instrument, reflecting the past, present and future of shakuhachi.