Monthly Digest of Chinese Films | March, 2019

来源:AVTD China & CCTSS

作者:AVTD China & CCTSS


So Long, My Son



Genre: Drama, Family

Length: 175min

Release date: 2019-03-22(China) , 2019-02-14(Germany)

Screenwriter: Mei Ah, Xiaoshuai Wang

Director: Xiaoshuai Wang

Starring: Jingchun Wang, Mei Yong, Xi Qi, Roy Wang, Jiang Du

Produced by: Dongchun Films Co., Ltd. etc.

Synopsis: The film shows three decades of the life in a Chinese rural environment. Liu Yaojun and Shen Yingming were close friends. But Liu's son was drowned in an accident when playing with Shen Hao, Shen's son, which totally changed the life of the two families. Then Liu chose to head for southern China. After many years, both families reunited and the truth of that accident was gradually revealed.

The film was listed in Competition in the Berlin International Film Festival. Two prizes were awarded: Silver Bear for Best Actor (Wang Jingchun) and Silver Bear for Best Actress (Yong Mei).

White Snake



Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Romance

Length: 95min

Release date: 2019-1-11

Screenwriter: Damao

Director: Amp Wong

Starring: Zhe Zhang, Tianxiang Yang

Produced by: Light Chaser Animation Studios, Warner Bros.

Synopsis: In the late Tang Dynasty, the wicked chancellor wanted to be immortal and mobilized people to catch snakes for him. The white snake that went to kill the wicked chancellor accidentally lost her memory, and was saved by a young boy Ah Xuan. To help the girl recolect her identity, the two embarked on an adventure. In the process, they fell in love with each other, but the girl’s identity of a snake was gradually revealed. An inevitable war between the wicked chancellor and the Snake Family was about to start. Their love also faced a huge challenge.

The Crossing



Genre: Drama

Length: 99min

Release date: 2019-03-15

Screenwriter: Xue Bai, Meiru Lin

Director: Xue Bai

Starring: Huan Yao, Yang Sun, Jiawen Tang, Hongjie Ni

Produced by: Wanda Media Co. Ltd.

Synopsis: Both Hong Kong and Shenzhen meant a lot for the 16-year-old single-parent girl Pei Pei, with identity on the one side and life on the other. In order to agree with her friends, for her own sense of existence and for her ignorance, her inner impulse was ignited, and the “water passenger” became another identity of her. A youthful story with a sense of “adventure” thus began.

On the Balcony



Genre: Drama

Length: 100min

Release date: 2019-03-15

Screenwriter: Ya Liu, Xiaowen Ren

Director: Meng Zhang

Starring: Qiang Wang, Dongyu Zhou

Produced by: Enlight Pictures

Synopsis: A few months ago, Zhang Yingxiong’s father had a squabble with Lu Zhiqiang because of the problem of demolition and relocation, and died of a heart attack. Zhang and his mother accepted the help of his uncle, but became a taunt to the family. For this reason, Zhang moved out and worked as a waiter in a small shop. A certain perspective of this small store just offered a glimpse of Lu Zhiqiang’s home. And thus his daughter Lu Shanshan came into Zhang’s world. She was a girl whoseintelligence was much lower than the average. With time passing by, Zhang found himself fall in love with the girl, which made him doubt the meaning of “vengeance”.

The Human Comedy



Genre: Comedy

Length: 90min

Release date: 2019-03-29

Screenwriter: Peng Cao, Zhou Sun, Hongming Geng, Zongqian Zhang

Director: Zhou Sun

Starring: Allen, Zhi Wang, Lenox, Shi-Jye Jin, Simon Yam

Produced by: Wanda Media Co. Ltd.

Synopsis: The ordinary couple Pu Tong and Mi Li could not afford to pay rent due to the company’s arrears of wages. The second-generation wealthy man Yang Xiaowei was not favored by his father and owed a huge sum of money to the gangster boss Ba Ye. The three were cornered to death by money and happened to meet up, and agreed to start a kidnapping. The couple pretended to be kidnappers, while the poorest second-generation boy pretended to be hostages. Finally, Yang Xiaowei’s father promised a “ransom” of 10 million. But things were far more complicate. Yang Xiaowei’s father did not want to pay actually and Ba Ye also demanded the debt immediately. Inthis situation, how would the three act?