Monthly Digest of Chinese TV series | March, 2019

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Goodbye My Princess

东  宫


Genre: Love, Costume drama

Length: 45min, 52 episodes

Release date: 2019-02-14

Screenwriter: Yangming Song

Director: Muge Lee

Starring: Xingxu Chen, Xiaoran Peng, Qianxiang Wei

Produced by: Perfect World Pictures (PWPIC)

Synopsis: This is a touching love story. Xiao Feng, the princess ranking ninth of West State and her father went to court to seek an audience with the emperor. The princess happened to get acquainted with Lee Chengyin, son of the emperor. By accident, they got involved in the crisis, and became friends in need. Many years later, Lee approached the princess for marriage and they fell in love with each other. Unfortunately, the entire tribe of Xiao Feng’s mother was slaughtered by the soldiers of Lee Chengyin. The princess could hardly bear the fact and jumped into the river that made people forget love, with Lee following. When they met with each other, they had forgotten everything and started the life without love. However, the huge crisis made them fall in love again, and just at this moment, the Princess recalled everything. Finally, Xiao Feng put aside the hatred and hoped Lee could keep the world peaceful. Then she jumped off the wall, which triggered Lee’s memory, and he jumped as well.

Queen Du Gu



Genre: History, Fantasy

Length: 45min, 50 episodes

Release date: 2019-02-11

Screenwriter: Ji Yang

Director: Xiaozheng Zhang

Starring: Qiao’en Chen, Xiao Chen, Lu Hai

Produced by: Hua Ce Group

Synopsis: The drama tells the story of the couple Queen Du Gu and her huaband Yang Jian. As dynasties change, they paved the way for a peaceful world and created the monogamous tradition, by which they acquired a high reputation for centuries to come.

Unbeatable You



Genre: Drama

Length: 45min, 40 episodes

Release date: 2019-02-12 

Screenwriter: Ran He  

Director: Yue Pan 

Starring: Li Ma, Yueming Pan, Naiwen Lee, Jian Sun

Produced by: MaoYan Movie

Synopsis: The story reflects today’s real life. Liu Ai works hard as a business saleswoman and her husband is a designer, and they live a simple life. However, at the end of the year, the boss didn’t pay the employees, so Liu Ai resigned her position. Her husband at this time also suffered a series of career setbacks, and the couple decided to start their own business. Step by step, they achieve success and live a happy life.

The Wrath of Time

(Season 3 of Candle in the Tomb)



Genre: Adventure, Suspense 

Length: 45min, 21 episodes

Release date: 2019-01-21

Screenwriter: Anqi Liu, Juan Shen, Rui Ge 

Director: Zhenxiang Fei 

Starring: Yueming Pan, Weiguang Gao, Zhilei Xin 

Produced by: Shanghai Tencent Penguin Film Culture Communication Co., Ltd, Wanda Media Co. Ltd 

Synopsis: This is a saga of adventure. During the period of Republic of China (1912-1949), people lived a hard life due to warlord dogfight. Chen Yulou was the head of Yu Lin (a school of grave robbery). He joined warlord Luo Laowai to explore the tombs in the Mount Ping which was located in Xiang Xi (west of Hu’nan Province). During the task, they met Zhe Gushao, one of the descendants of the ancient west tribes. And they looked for a certain kind of bead that could break the curse. An adventure thus began.

Memories of Peking



Genre: History

Length: 45min, 55 episodes

Release date: 2019-02-22 

Screenwriter: Yan Liu  

Director: Jiacheng Liu

Starring: Bing He, Ou Wang, Bei Liu

Produced by: New Classics Media, Si chuan Chengcheng Movie Culture And Media Co., Ltd. 

Synopsis: The drama was set in the pickle shop named Qinfangju in Beijing. Yan Zhensheng owned the shop and his brother was killed in a robbery when heading for Hebei Province to help buy soybeans. Yan had to help his father marry again to carry on generations and to show his filial piety. His father fell in love with Mu Chunhua. And with time passing by, Yan also developed love for Mu Chunhua. In 1950, a new marriage law was enacted, and Yan Zhensheng and Mu Chunhua had to divorce. In the following decades, they still supported each other and lived together in the family.