Monthly Digest of Chinese Short Films | February, 2019

来源:AVTD China & CCTSS



Chinese New Year Special Edition



Celebrate the New Year in Santa Claus Village


Length: 4m20s

Chief Director: Xie Xinfeng

Produced by: Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchange Center

Synopsis: The video is based on the theme of celebrating Chinese New Year in the Arctic Village. It fully integrates the elements of the Arctic Village and the Chinese New Year. Audiences can see the New Year's scene in the Christmas Village full of joyful atmosphere.



See & Experience: an essential dish for New Year's Eve


Length: 1m 40s

Produced by: Yuan Qiaoqiao, Sun Hua, Wang Jingru

Synopsis: Dinner in New Year’s Eve has changed a lot: In the 1950s, only potatoes were served. In the 80s, fish appeared on the table. In the 00s, seafood such as shrimps and crabs began to be tasted in the New Year's Eve dinner. Even the food has been changing, but the love of family’s reunion never changes.



My Spring Festival in China


Length: 4m58s

Produced by: China Search Interpretation Studio

Synopsis: A foreign girl named Megan unexpectedly received a scholarship to study in China. At first, she was prejudiced against China and was not willing to go there. But with the encouragement of her grandfather, Megan decided to go to China and experience Chinese Spring Festival culture. Her understanding of China also began to change gradually.



Chinese People, Chinese New Year


Length: 5m23s

Produced by: Shi Yutong, Feng Guorui, Li Ziqiao

Synopsis: The shooting involved two restaurants, a hospital, a food market, a breakfast stall and a taxi in Beijing and Heilongjiang province. The main characters are breakfast stall vendors, a taxi driver, chefs, an ed doctor. It represents the story of the ordinary Chinese people's "busy years" with some small stories of different characters.


Digging 春节—Rap

Digging Spring Festival—Rap


Length: 2m20s

Produced by: Dong Bojia from CRI Online

Synopsis: Focusing on the theme of foreigners in China during the Spring Festival, the rich Chinese flavor is written in lyrics. It visually expresses the diversity of Chinese traditional culture and shows the charm of Chinese New Year to the people all over the world.



"The Letter to Heaven"--a foreigner living in China writes a letter to his deceased mother


Length: 4m18s

Produced by: Yuan Changjian

Synopsis: It is the third time to celebrate the Spring Festival in China for British foreign teacher Robert, who has been working in Kaifeng, Henan for two and a half years. Sticking Spring Festival couplets, making dumplings, guessing Lantern Festival riddles, all these have become the annual practice of this "foreigner". Kaifeng has become the second home in Robert's mind.