Monthly Digest of Chinese TV series | February, 2019

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作者:AVTD China & CCTSS


Chinese New Year Special Edition


Happy Chinese New Year


Genre: reminiscence, family

Length: 45 mins, 30 episodes

Screenwriter: Bai Tiejun

Director: Huang Lijia

Starring: Xu Fan, Xu Xiulin, Ni Dahong

Produced by: Shenzhen Radio and Television Group, Shenzhen Broadcast Media Co., Ltd.

Synopsis: It tells the story of Feng Tainian’s family celebrating the Chinese New Year in the past thirty years from 1977 to 2007. Time flies, when the Feng family once again gathered in the small courtyard in the Spring Festival of 2007, even the things are still there, but men are no more the same ones, the love between family members never changed.


A Peaceful Family Will Prosper: Family Reunion Dinner


Genre: comedy, family

Length: 45 mins, 3 episodes

Screenwriter: Ying Da

Director: Gong Xiaodong

Starring: Guo Donglin, Tao Zeru, Guo Gaimin

Produced by: TV Drama Center of BTV

Synopsis: Daci and Xiaoman used to quarrel with each other every time they met. However, this time they have to work together to prepare family reunion dinner for the New Year's Eve without other choice. In the process of working and preparing, these two young people get to know each other and finally get married because of love. The story not only tells that family reunion dinner is the most important meal of the year, but also emphasizes that "love and sincerity are the source of victory to get over all misfortunes."


Family Reunion Dinner


Genre: family, modern

Length: 45 mins, 45 episodes

Screenwriter: Wang Lifu

Director: Xu Jizhou

Starring: Li Guangjie, Ma Su, He Hongshan

Produced by: Xinli Media Co., Ltd.

Synopsis: A fascinating and interesting story happened when the eldest brother Song Yida and his wife Bai Lijuan try their best to gather all five brothers and sisters on New Year's Eve to have a meal together. After all the hardships, they finally made it. The five children of the family returned home from all over the country. They cook the family reunion dinner together and spend a very joyful Spring Festival.


Sit in a Wrong Bridal Sedan Chair, But Get the Right Man to Marry


Genre: history, love

Length: 40 mins, 20 episodes

Screenwriter: Tong Bian, Qian Mo, Pu Qin, Guo Fang

Director: Zhang Zien

Starring: Nie Yuan, Xu Guang, Sha Yi, Shi Xiaohong

Produced by: Zhang Chunlin, Xu Lu

Synopsis: There are two beautiful girls in Yangzhou in an unknown dynasty. One is named Du Bingyan, the daughter of the richest merchant in the north of the city. The other is named Li Yuhu, the daughter of a martial artist in the south of the city. These two girls were born in the same month of the same year and married on the same day. In a raining day, they sat in the wrong sedan chair by an odd coincidence. Since then, they have embarked on an unexpected life path, but they have found their true love. Even the two people entered the wrong door yet they found the right person.


Fortune King is Coming to Town


Genre: history, comedy

Length: 40 mins, 28 episodes

Screenwriter: Chen Wengui, Shi Hang, Gu Yan

Director: Li Sen

Starring: Zhang Guoli, Chen Zhipeng, Yang Ruoxi

Produced by: Beijing Yahuan Audio & Video Production Co., Ltd.

Synopsis: The drama tells the story of the god of wealth, Zhao Gongming, who brought fortune and wealth to the kind people in the mortal world. He also recruited lucky boy and fairy goddess to encourage the kind and punish the evil. These three celestial beings let the people know that the most important thing is to be a nice person and the fortune will come to you if you do so.