Monthly Digest of Chinese Films | December, 2018

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Last Letter


Genre: drama, love
Length: 114 mins
Release date: 2018-11-09
Screenwriter: Shunji Iwai
Director: Shunji Iwai

Strarring: Xun Zhou 
Produced by: Beijing Jiaying Spring Film co., Ltd.

Synopsis: This is a story about missing. Someone meet hurriedly and someone just say goodbye simply. In the early morning of the death of Zhinan Yuan, she only left a letter and an invitation letter of homecoming. As a result, younger sister Zhihua replaced her sister to attend the class meeting, while unexpectedly met Yinchuan who was her admiration object in her youth. The memories of the past are waking up, but seeing each other again, things are totally changed.



Einstein &Einstein


Genre: drama,family
Length: 120 mins
Release date: 2018-12-07
Screenwriter: Huajing Jiao
Director: Baoping Cao
Strarring: Xueying Zhang 
Synopsis: Wan Li, a 13-year-old girl, lives with her grandparents because her parents are divorced. Being in adolescence, she is eager to be understood, companied and loved. In the Chinese-style education of "to be obedient", Li also completed her "adult ceremony". In the movie, the father hopes to reconciliate and communicate with his daughter through a pet dog and Li names the dog as "Einstein". While due to the lost of "Einstein", a surging and helpless journey of her growing path begins.


中国合伙人 2 

Fighting Men of China


Genre: drama
Release date: 2018-12-18
Screenwriter: Shang Zhu
Director: Yadang Liu
Strarring: Lixin Zhao 
Produced by: China Film Co., Ltd.

Synopsis: The movie mainly talks about the development of Internet business in China during about two decades from 1990s to now. Three heroes are three representative figures of the business, they are programmers, Zhenhui Chu, Lei Qin, and investor Shunzhi Xu. From the perspective of Shunzhi Xu, the movie presents a process of great changes from a programmer to an entrepreneur, from the start of a business, to maintaining the achievements and finally realizing the upgrade of the whole Internet business. They will be Chinese partners in new era and the zeal of entrepreneurship of Chinese Internet business will be continuous and vigorous.



Hello Life


Genre: documentary
Length: 94 mins
Release date: 2018-11-27
Screenwriter: Gong Cheng
Director: Gong Cheng, Changzhen Ren
Produced by: Beijing Contemporary Chunhui Cultural Communication co., Ltd 

Synopsis: This is a movie that reflects reality. It tells the true life of 15 ordinary Chinese people in 2017. These 14 independent stories describe the ordinary life in the same world. It may be hard, perhaps helpless, or even mingles with some bitterness, but everyone is silently insisting on and loving this kind of life. 



Source of Dreams


Genre: suspense, thriller

Length: 90 mins

Release date: 2018-11-16

Screenwriter: Dongge Jiang

Director: Ke Liu

Strarring: Zhipeng Chen

Produced by: Guangzhou Qilibao Culture Media co.,Ltd.

Synopsis: In the film, a truck driver, Ang Li, who was introverted and weak due to his childhood experience, was frequently suffered in nightmares and this seriously affected his normal life. Therefore, he had to accept hypnosis treatment from psychologist Jingrun Cao, but accidentally involved in a case of murder. The detective who can wisely solve the case became the murderer, while the real one was still at large. The reality and dream interweave with each other and an intellectual contest is opened.