New book series exploring expat experiences, debuts in Beijing




A new book series, Searching for China, made its debut at Beijing Language and Culture University on Tuesday together with a seminar covering the first book in the series - Searching for Shambhala by US writer Laurence J. Brahm.  

The series is being released as part of the General Administration of Press and Publication's Writing on China by Foreigners, which aims to tell stories about China from the perspective of expats in the country. 

To date, a total of 11 books from writers including Indian B.R.Deepak, Chinese-American Zhang Wenxian and Hungarian writer Gergely Péterfy have been published through the project. 

Brahm, known as Long Anzhi in Chinese, has published a number of stories and books about his time living in China over the past few decades.

His interest in Southwest China led to him writing books about the lives of the Tibetan people, such as Searching for Shangri-la. 

Other books from the author include China's Century and China Right Here.  

At the seminar, experts from the Chinese publishing industry and cultural communication field discussed some of the draft chapters from Brahm's new book, which focuses on the writer's personal experiences in China and his interviews with ordinary Chinese from various walks of life.