Monthly Digest of Chinese Documentaries | November, 2018

来源:AVTD China & CCTSS





  Zhang Yimou’s “Shadow” 


  Length: 94 mins

  Release date: 2018-10-12

  Director: Wang Peng

  Produced by: Le Vision Pictures

  Synopsis: An inside look at the creation of Zhang Yimou’s new martial-arts marvel Shadow, Wang Peng’s documentary is an examination of Zhang’s bold and inspired creative choices, and the struggles he and his crew faced – and beyond that, of the artistry and industry of filmmaking in modern China.



  Life on Skewers


  Length: 30 mins, 6 episodes

  Release date: 2018-06-20

  Director: Chen Yingjie, Liu Zhige, Jin Ying, Zhang Yueming, Zhao Yunze, Li Gen

  Produced by: Authrule Digital Media

  Synopsis: This documentary is about how the meat is grilled, how people from 30 cities enjoy various styles of shaokao, or barbecue on skewers. It features more than 500 legendary barbecue stalls, capturing the folk culture in China.



  Four Springs


  Length: 106 mins

  Release date: 2019-01-04

  Director: Lu Qingyi

  Produced by: Rivers Pictures

  Synopsis: Four Springs is a documentary film that presented a family‘s daily life in the remote town of Dushan in the Guizhou province in southwest China. From a subjective angle, the camera induced the flow of life out of the screen: the quotidian toils, singing, excursions in nature, visits among friends and extended families, funerals, reunions and departures. It presented the state of being of the two main characters, the director’s own parents, and their attitude when facing irretrievable loss in life.



  The Last Stickman of Chongqing


  Length: 99 mins

  Release date: 2018-08-17

  Director: He Ku

  Produced by: Hualong Network 

  Synopsis: On the streets of Chongqing, you may notice a group of shabbily dressed men are easily distinguished by their bamboo poles with which they carry anything they can, for whomever they can, for a couple of yuan a trip. They are called “Bang Bang”, the stickman, hoping to looking making extra money. The  film recorded the ups and downs of stickman to show a simple and tough life, which was enough to move people and arouse so many memories of people who are living in Chongqing.



  Just Street Dance


  Length: 20mins, 13eposides

  Release date: 2018-08-20

  Director: Sun Yu

  Produced by: VICE China

  Synopsis: This series explores China’s hip hop dance community in cities from Urumqi and Karamay in Xinjiang, all the way to Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing. MC Yily, a b-boy who works full-time managing railway shipment records. He took a 20-day leave from work in order to lead Sun Yu and his production team to meet with street dance across the country, and to explore the underground dance scene that existed long before rap got its start in China.