Monthly Digest of Chinese TV Series | November, 2018






  Ever Night


  Genre: Drama

  Length: 45 minutes, 60episodes

  Release date: 2018-10-31

  Screenwriter: Xu Run, Mao Ni

  Director: Yang Yang

  Strarring: Chen Feiyu, Song Yiren, Hu Jun, Zheng Shaoqiu, Sun Zujun

  Produced by: China Reading Limited

  Synopsis: The story takes place in the Tang Dynasty. Ning Que is the last surviving personnel of General Lin Guangyuan, after everyone under his command was massacred by senior general Xia Hou through detailed framing and ruthless execution. He escapes with his maid, Sang Sang to Du City. Through relentless hard work, he managed to get into the best academy and come under the tutelage of the leading scholar there. He took up the responsibility of protecting his country and people, and managed to redress his family‘s grievances. 



  An Oriental Odyssey


  Genre: Costume Drama

  Length: 45 minutes, 50episodes

  Release date: 2018-10-18

  Screenwriter: Miu Juan

  Director: Zhou Xiaopeng

  Strarring: Wu Qian, Zheng Yecheng, Zhang Yujian, Dong Qi, Yuan Wenkang

  Produced by: Freedom Whale Film Industry

  Synopsis: A case of murdered courtesan introduced upper-class lady/amateur detective Ye Yuan’an to amnesiac slave Mu Le and police detective Zhao Lanzhi. Together, they solved the woman‘s murder and many others after that. Unbeknownst to them, all the cases are connected to a disastrous attempt 19 years earlier to steal a holy artifact, in which monk Tian Qiao was pardoned by the Emperor and monk Tian Shu was on-the-run as a wanted man. The closer the team was to the real motive, the more Mu Le remembered his past. The course of events eventually led to him stealing the artifact himself and escaping to another country. Yuan’an, Lanzhi and Princess Ming Hui tried to track him down, but they soon discovered they are up against a conspiracy that is bigger than a mere case of stolen artifact.



  The City of Chaos


  Genre: Drama, Action

  Length: 40 minutes, 24episodes

  Release date: 2018-10-18

  Screenwriter: Yang Hongwei, Liu Chenglong

  Director: Liu Shuqiao

  Strarring: Li Guangjie, Yuan Wenkang, Jiang Yuyao, Li Chengmin, Liu Dekai

  Produced by: Gong Yu

  Synopsis: To take care of the increasingly-rampant international drug trafficking organizations, a joint team was formed. Suspicions and betrayals surround both parties, and among the key players are a gangster with multiple identities and a war prisoner.



  The Story of Zheng Yang Gate


  Genre: Drama

  Length: 40 minutes, 48episodes

  Release date: 2018-10-16

  Screenwriter: Wang Zhili

  Director: Liu Jiacheng

  Strarring: Jiang Wenli, Ni Dahong, Tian Hairong, Cui Xinxin, Qiao Dawei

  Produced by: Daqianmen (Beijing) Culture and Art Co., Ltd.

  Synopsis: In the year 1955, Xu Huizhen experiences the loss of her husband shortly after getting married. She inherits the family business to become the owner of a small inn. History takes its course and the changes experienced by the nation pave a difficult path for her. She is removed from her job and reinstated multiple times, but her determination to succeed remains. Spring comes in the year 1979. It is a year of reform when Xu Huizhen becomes the rightful owner off the inn once again and ushers it to reach greater heights.



  Never Gone


  Genre: Drama

  Length: 45 minutes, 36 episodes

  Release date: 2018-11-6

  Screenwriter: Jin Guodong, Xinyiwu

  Director: Lin Yufen

  Strarring: Yang Zishan, Han Dongjun, Li Chengbin, Lan Yingying, Su Qing

  Produced by: Shanghai Ruyi Entertainment Co.,Ltd.

  Synopsis: This TV series is adapted from the Chinese romantic drama film of the same name by Xinyiwu. Su Yunjin and Cheng Zheng meet in high school. Su Yunjin is a transfer student from a struggling family, while rich heir Cheng Zheng is the popular star student. Cheng Zheng falls in love with Su Yunjin and pursues her through college, even when they study and live in different cities. Two years pass in bliss; however, the issue of money drives a wedge between them. The two break up, and Cheng Zheng moves to America to help with his family‘s company. After some time passes, Su Yunjin realizes she truly loves Cheng Zheng and for the first time, she is the one to seek out Cheng Zheng rather than the other way around.