Art graduates at Tsinghua show their works


作者:Lin Qi


  Whether one'd like to admit it or not, human beings will lose more jobs to artificial intelligence. But artists believe that art fulfills such a unique need that it will not be overtaken by robots. And an exhibition underway at Tsinghua University in Beijing shows young artists' efforts to enrich human's complicated, sensitive spiritual world.

  The exhibition teams up some 220 students who will receive their master's degree from the university's Academy of Arts and Design and its Graduate School in Shenzhen in September.

  The exhibition shows their graduation works at the academy's gallery and Tsinghua University Art Museum through June 8.

  Wen Zhongyan, a teacher of the arts and design academy, said the exhibition is only the beginning of the students' career; and upon graduation, they will face a future filled with many uncertainties.

  He said hopefully these pressures of life will push artists to produce more works embedded with emotions, humanistic concerns and profound thoughts, even anxieties and doubts of the surrounding.