Chinese TV programs thrive in Kazakhstan attributed to SFATD





The poster of TV drama The Disguiser

  In recent years, Chinese films and TV programs have seen an upsurge of popularity in Kazakhstan, providing a window for the people there to understand Chinese culture and the lives of Chinese people.

  Many Chinese television programs have been dubbed in the Kazakh language and broadcast on mainstream channels in the country, receiving recognition from audiences there.

  The success of Chinese TV programs in Kazakhstan is attributed to Nussipzhanov Yertay, a film and TV producer.

  Yertay was born in Almaty, Southeast Kazakhstan, bordering on China’s Xinjiang province. When he was a little boy, he was brought to China and lived there for several years, and developed special feelings for China.

  After graduating from the University of Kazakhstan, out of love for Chinese culture and interest in Chinese film and television, he came to the Northeastern University,China to learn more about Chinese culture and watched many TV programs during his studies.

  He kept a close eye on China's TV even after returning home.

  In 2015, he got an opportunity to attend the first session of the Sino-Foreign Audiovisual Translation and Dubbing Cooperation. He attended the workshop two more times, with the expectation of bringing more excellent Chinese films and TV programs to Kazakhstan.

  In the workshop, he communicated with experts in the film translation and communication industry at home and abroad, and established cooperative relations with Chinese media organizations.

  He has dubbed and promoted many Chinese TV programs in his country in recent years, including China’s Mega Projects, The Disguiser, Genuine Love, Legend of Entrepreneurship and A Bite of China (Season 1).


Nussipzhanov Yertay makes a speach at the Sino-Foreign Audiovisual Translation and Dubbing Cooperation

  Thanks to his efforts, Chinese TV shows have received good responses after being broadcast in Kazakhstan, which further reinforced Yertay’s belief in his work.

  He is currently dubbing two programs, Stay with Me and the Silk Road Spring Festival Gala 2018, hoping to bring them to Kazakhstan audiences as soon as possible.

  Viewers in the country said few Chinese films and TV programs were broadcast there. In fact, there was very little information about China in the country, leading to misunderstandings. But after watching Chinese TV shows, they changed their opinions and gradually developed a love for Chinese culture and people.

  Yertay also recommended Kazakhstan singer Dimash Kudaibergen to participate in I Am a Singer, a Chinese variety show, which made Dimash popular in China.



       Through his hard work, Yertay has become a messenger of cultural exchange between China and Kazakhstan.

  SFATD, held annually since 2015, is aimed at helping world experts and translators who love Chinese films and dramas to find and translate programs from China.

  In recent years, the workshop has invited more than 200 experts from more than 60 countries and regions, involving more than 140 domestic and foreign film and television organizations. Through their joint efforts, over 1,600 Chinese works have been dubbed into English, French and Russian versions which are broadcast in more than 100 countries around the world, becoming popular on the international scene.


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Nussipzhanov Yertay