The English Annual Anthology of Contemporary Cinema is published




 Recently, Film Studies in China: Selected Writings from Contemporary Cinema has been officially published by Intellect, a British academic publisher specializing in providing books and journals in the fields of arts and culture, and released worldwide by the University of Chicago Press. The English anthology has paper version and electronic version with Huangpu Yichuan, member of CCTSS Film & Television Expert Committee, as the editor-in-chief.

Front and back page of the English anthology

  Papers in this annual, concerning various subjects including Chinese film history, film theory, reviews on new releases, and interviews, fully reflect the development of academic studies on Chinese cinema.

  As one of the most prestigious academic film studies journals in China, Contemporary Cinema has been active in publishing Chinese scholarship for Chinese readers, but also in reaching out to academics from across the globe.

  The publish of the English annual marks an achievement of Contemporary Cinema in “Chinese cinema scholarship going global”, introducing the situation of Chinese cinema and the latest tendency of Chinese academic researches.


Contents of Film Studies in China


  Huangfu Yichuan

  Chapter 1

  The Culture and Aesthetics of Huo Jianqi’s Films

  Zhang Binning

  Chapter 2

  12 Citizens: Twelve Chinese People, 1.2 Billion Voices: Successful Localization and Practical Application

  Zhang Jingyu

  Chapter 3

  Intellectual Property Rights Transfers in a Borderless Era

  Ding Yaping

  Chapter 4

  The Materialist View: Quality Editing Requires Editorial Integrity

  Han Jiazheng and Liao Ching-sung

  Chapter 5

  The Most Important Aspect of Film-Making Is ‘Discovery ’: A Conversation with Director Jia Zhangke

  Yang Yuanying and Jia Zhangke

  Chapter 6

  Film Culture Development in the Wake of New China’s ‘Pretonpian Society’: The ‘Netopia’ of Chinese Auteurs Constitutes a ‘New Force’ in the Industry

  Yin Hong

  Chapter 7

  Spiritual and Physical Manifestations and Cultural Signifiers of Trauma in Chinese Anti-Japanese War Films

  Li Daoxin