Monthly Digest of Chinese Documentaries, Nov. 2017






  Twenty Two

  1h 52min | Documentary, Crime, History | 14 August 2017 (China)

  Director: Ke Guo

  An estimated 200,000 Chinese women were forced into prostitution by the Japanese army during WWII. Only 22 of them remain today to speak out publicly. This documentary is not a film for political gains or narrow nationalistic purposes. For the director and the crew, each and every one of those elderly women is a brave and strong individual with similar yet distinctive experiences. This is a group that deserves to be known and correctly understood by more people and a history worth being preserved in a most accurate yet sensitive way. In the documentary, the current situation of those 22 elderly women will be presented in an impersonal way. There's no interrogation, sympathy, nor exaggeration in our film. You will hear them talk about their own experiences, and you will also learn about their perspectives on life, sufferings and happiness. Now all over 80 or 90 years old, those elderly ladies are at the very last stage of their life. This is probably the last chance for the public to actually see their situations and hear their own words while they are still alive. It should not be a history just written on pages.



  Masterss in Forbidden City

  50min, 3 episodes | Forbidden City, cultural relics, restoration

  Director: Ye Jun, Xiao Han

  This documents tells the stories of a group of professional cultural relics repairers in the Forbidden City. It documents how these “seemingly ordinary masters” “bring back to life” ancient paintings, calligraphy works, bronze wares, imperial clocks and watches, ceramic wares, lacquer wares, court embroidery and other precious treasures, the crew produced three episodes after five years of research and four months of non-stop filming. Each episode presents several types of closely related restoration processes, and several masters of different personalities.



  Village Diary

  100 min | rural living, social change, youth perspective

  Director: Jin Bo

  The film is about Shaoyu Village, a small village in Yiyuan County, Zibo City, Shandong Province. It presents mant social issues such as drastic changes in rural life, environmental protection, and farmers’ spiritual and material pursuits.



  College Entrance Exam

  50 min, 6 episodes | youth, personal growth, high school

  Director: Shi Yan

  College entrance examination defines the fates of numerous Chinese citizen. The documentary takes representative sections of the society and documents personal stories and social debate. It approaches and records the 2014 college entrance examination from multiple facets, leaving a thought-provoking social memory of our time.



  Beijing Hutong

  5 min, 100 episodes | China, culture, history, heritage

  Director: Du Jun

  Hutong is the symbol of Beijing. It is the most representative of the old Beijing Style. This documentary focuses on 100 representatives of thousands of Beijing Hutongs. It presents the historic traditions, architecture features, cultural inheritance, celebrity anecdotes, and famous events, and gives a vivid reflection of the culture and history of Beijing Hutongs.

  Edited by Zhao Yue

  Produced by CUC& CCTSS