China-Nepal Culture Salon promotes mutual understanding


作者:Li Wenrui


  To enhance cultural communication and mutual understanding, the China-Nepal Culture Salon opened in Beijing at the Nepal Embassy in China on Dec 21.

  Serving as a cooperative platform for cultural organizations and experts, this event was organized by the Chinese Culture Translation and Studies Support Network together with the Nepal Embassy.

  The three-day salon centered on subjects like literature, art, film and publication, offering intellectuals from both countries a chance to have thorough dialogues for future collaboration projects.

  "People in Nepal are very interested in books about Chinese history, society and arts," said Leela Mani Paudyal, Nepal's ambassador to China.

  "I am looking forward to seeing more Chinese publications introduced to Nepal. It will certainly help Nepalis further understand Chinese culture. And by the efforts of CCTSS, I hope Nepalese works will be widely appreciated in China."

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