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A Jin Bo

  Q Lei Yujie


  Q What is the main reason why chil- dren’s books of China can make today’s achievements?

  A The main reasons are, first, that our lives are inherently colorful, and second, that the reform and opening up makes us integrate with the world, broad our horizon, and makes children’s litera- ture writers experience more as well as advance in writing techniques through communications with the world literature. That is why children’s literature of China can make today’s achievements.

Jin Bo

Chinese writer

  Q How do you get close to and suit the new generation of readers when writing?

  A No matter how old an author is, he should always hold the readers in mind. Every children’s literature writer must care for his readers, not only children readers, but also their teachers as well as parents. Cherish readers and com- bine creation with readers’needs, then writers can produce high quality books which are close to readers.

  Q Do you think there is a gap be- tween China’s and world children’s literature?

  A The gap certainly exists, because children’s literature of China began relatively later, and the real sense of children’s literature only has developed for no more than a hundred years. I believe the gap mainly reflect in two as- pects, first is the educational ideas, and second is children’s literature itself. On one hand, we need to absorb advanced children’s educational principles in the world, and on the other hand, we need to extend publicity of excel- lent children’s books of China. China does not face a shortage of children’s books of high quality, but is lack of international communication as well as publicity. In the future, I hope that a publishing house will edit and pub- lish History of Children’s literature of China one day, which can introduce China’s outstanding children’s litera- ture writers as well as authoring system to the world.