来源:International Publishing Journal

作者:Fan Wen


Wang Zhong

  President of Zhejiang Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House

  Q Please give us a brief introduction to the results and situation of the children’s books your publishing house exported in 2017.

  A In 2017, Zhejiang Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House exported 56 titles, 80% went to non-Chinese speaking regions. With the successful purchase of Australia’s New Frontier

  Publishing in 2015, Zhejiang Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House was able to vigorously develop a platform for synchronized international publishing efforts. In March of 2017, a whollyowned subsidiary of New Frontier Publishing was set up in England, which will help top quality books to get published overseas. At the same time, collaborative relationships can be forged with more countries and regions through such an international platform. By joining the international publishing competition, we are able to construct an international publishing industry chain, and make greater contribution for China’s publishing “going global”.

  Q What role of Chinese children’s literature will play on the international stage?

  A In 2018, China will serve as the Guest of Honor at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, and it will be a great opportunity to transmit the voice of China and Chinese publishers to the world, we can share more excellent children’s books of China at the world stage.

  First, we should pay much attention to the indispensable role of children’s literature publishing houses at the international stage. As the driving force of China’s publishing industry for children’s literature, Chinese publishers should treat Bologna Children’s Book Fair as a window from which to display the strength of Chinese publishing for children’s books to all the nations of the world.

  Second, we must make full use of the leading role of children’s literature publishing houses at the international book fairs. We can invite international authors and illustrators to launch a series of cultural exchanges between China and other countries, and let them know the power of Chinese original children’s books. This will promote the international influence and foster deeper confidence for Chinese children’s literature.

  Finally, a professional spirit is a need for publishing houses focusing on children’s literature. Some Chinese publishers are very professional in children’s literature like pacesetters. According to copyright cooperation, international publishing synchronously, overseas marketing etc., we can reinforce international exchanges from different aspects. In addition, with excellent resources and models, we can promote the cultural communication with other countries.

  Q How to succeed in competing with other publishing institutions?

  A As a specialized children’s publishing house, it is our job to stick to our cultural heritages, and take advantages of ideology and the latest industry trends, to inherit and develop the essence of children’s book publishing industry. We should also broaden our views on the demand of developing a various children’s reading, and adhere to original works and innovation to create stunning and lovely children’s books, which enriches children’s spiritual world.

  Original children’s book takes up the largest market share in the children’s book market of China, but the quality of them should be improved. Publishing institutions have the responsibility to build creative team to develop more excellent children’s books with fabulous themes and economic values. In addition, we should optimize the product structure of publishing and exploring digitization of children’s book publishing.