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Wang Yongbo (Third from left)

  President of Phoenix Juvenile and Children’s Publishing Ltd.

  International exchange organized by Phoenix Juvenile and Children’s Publishing Ltd.

  Q What key activities will be orga- nized by Phoenix Juvenile and Chil- dren’s Publishing Ltd.?

  A Bologna Children’s Book Fair is a very important platform for Phoenix Juvenile and Children’s Publishing Ltd. to fully promote in- ternational publishing, and we will seize this big chance that China is the guest of honor to organize a series of international communi- cation and publishing activities including the research of 14 countries’ copyright output results of The Bronze Sunflower , premier publishing ceremony of Fourteen-Year-Old Travel, etc.. We also expand publishing trade resources, promote the construction of inter- national publishing platform and upgrade “going global” pattern.

  Q What are the core factors that influence Children’s books of China “going global”?

  A First, High-quality content is the core competitiveness of publishing sector. Influ- ential content, literature value and the cul- tural connotation, information of the times are the value of the output products, how- ever copyright output lies in the expansion of books’ value. Second, sustainable and ef- fective external communication and coop- eration, international development pattern upgrading and optimizing will gradually improve the global influence.

  Q Will you have any new plans in devel- oping original children’s books in 2018?

  A Children’s literature is our core business. In 2018, we will devote ourselves to developing original children’s books with high qualities.

  First, we will develop Cao Wenxuan’s works comprehensively. Cao Wenxuan’s series books are one of the significant parts in our publishing group, and we will explore more literature products based on his works or award-winning works, such as Pinyin books, picture books, comic books, visual fictions, ect.

  Second, creating writers’ brands and promoting their new books are also im- portant. In 2018, we will publish a lot of high quality fictions in succession, includ- ing Huang Beijia’s Flight of the Bumble Bee , Jin Bo’s A Cat Looking for Soul and Qi Zhi’sSlop with 100 Steps .

  Third, setting up the writer group with young writers could be a wise and far- sighted move. In recent years, we have formed a group with many young writers. In 2018, we will provide more opportuni- ties to much more young writers, and help them to publish their original books.

  Forth, we should pay more attention to realistic themed works and develop China-themed books. Considering it’s the 70th Anniversary of Founding New China and Centenary of the Construction of the Communist Party of China this year, we will publish Voice of Children’s Whistle, Our Frontline , etc. for celebration.

  Finally, developing innovative topics could attract a wide range of readers. In 2018, Cartoon department will creating the Wall Book series with highlighting Chinese characteristics from creativity, de- signing and binding.