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A Zhang Gaoli

  Q Lei Yujie

  Q Do you have any suggestions for children’s literature translation?

  A Translation is an extremely important factor in cross-cultural exchanges. Currently, we have used various methods to select excellent, multilingual foreign translators. Our selection criteria are young and middle-aged adults who have worked or studied in China. Considering language is constantly in a state of change, translators must understand Chinese culture, have experienced Chinese daily associations, and can comprehend the most current and popular forms of the language. Till now, our talent pool of translators includes over 300 individuals who are adept at translating various types of literature.

Zhang Gaoli

  Editor in Chief of China Translation & Publishing House

  Q What plans does your publishing house have for developing original children’s literature in 2018?

  A Bilingual edition of children’s literature will become one of our developing priorities. Chinese children, parents, and schools all place great emphasis on studying English. By presenting themes as well as life experiences that children are familiar with in an authentically translated English format, it will be easier for the children to read foreign language works. Besides bringing Excellent Children’s Literature of China within One Hundred Years to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, our children’s department is also planning and publishing a series of excellent children’s books in bilingual edition written by famous writers.

  Q How will you expand international market for children’s books of China “going global”?

  A We will continue to establish international bureaus with the speed of setting up five to eight every year. Within three to five years, our international bureaus will essentially cover all the major countries in Europe, America, and the Belt and Road Initiative countries. At the same time, we will strengthen cooperation with major international publishing groups by exchanging resources for resources, and exchanging channels for channels, then export as well as introduce more children’s books of high quality.

  Q What is the main reason why children’s books of China can make great achievements?

  A In my opinion, cultural soft power is established on basis of the country’s hard power. After the reform and opening up, China’s economic developments have made remarkable achievements, which make the world curious about China’s experience as well as path, and want to study the development pattern. This is the first reason.

  Secondly, China has groups of excellent writers, for example in children’s literature, Cao Wenxuan’s winning of Hans Christian Andersen Award marked that Chinese writers of children’s literature, represented by Cao, have received more and more international attention, and proved that children’s literature of China is not worse than that of any other country.

  Thirdly, after having excellent works, there also need intervention from good publishers. China’s highquality works will not be noticed in the world without press intervention, cooperation between publishing houses and international publishers, and suitable multilingual translations of these works. Writers, publishers, translators, and media professionals work together, and make contributions to the achievements of children’s books of China.