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A Shi Yan

  Q Lei Yujie

Shi Yan

  Deputy General Manager of Children’s Fun Publishing Co., Ltd.

  Q What are the criteria for Children’s Fun Publishing Co., Ltd. to import children’s books from overseas?

  A Our criteria for book importing areclear: well-known brands, high quality, fine taste and good content that tell children universal values.From my perspective, Chinese parents and children are selective in reading. To put it simple, they want books interesting and useful. Except for entertaining, books should bear some functions like education, which help to foster children’s emotional intelligence and habit, or give them safety instructions, cultivate reading ability and mathematical logic. Our company has been aimed at “filling life with stories” since establishment. Brandand qualityoriented, we try to deliver the best stories to Chinese children.

  Q Please share some international publications of Children’s Fun Publishing Co., Ltd. in recent years.

  A In recent years, Children’s Fun Publishing Co., Ltd. works hard, produces many original books and exports them overseas. For instance, in 2012 we published the long novel Jackal and Wolf written by Shen Shixi, and An Unusual Princess written by Wu Meizhen. We took the opportunity of China being the guest of honor at London Book Fair to publish these two books in eight countries including the UK, Germany, Bulgaria and Poland, making a great impact on exporting China’s copyrights.In 2017, our company exported 48 titles in total.

  Q In the last two years, many publishing houses of children’s books spring up. Facing with the fierce competition of children’s books, how do you balance between commercial interests and book’s value, and what is the core value?

  A Within more and more competitive environment in the publishing field of children’s books, Children’s Fun Publishing Co., Ltd. always keeps the faith in “the power of products”, which means we only focus on one thing: high quality products. We often believe “less is more”, less children’s books with high quality published, more we will get from the market. Thus we are trying to pursue higher quality of books all the time, and this is what we are good at. “High quality products can promote themselves.” High quality book is the core of publishing, promotion and distribution.

  The corporate philosophy of Children’s Fun Publishing Co., Ltd. is “reader’s first”. Meanwhile, we closely concern the interest and development of our partners. Because every brand is filled with wisdom and efforts and carries different culture, each one should be respected. What’s more, we emphasize the benefits of employees, and we will provide them a better platform for the career development.

  Q How do you make brand and strategic arrangements? As children’s books brands are going global, how to foster your own sought-after brands?

  A Facing with the fierce competition for the sought-after books in China’s market, our company upholds three principles: no impulse, no flinch and no muddle. We will always follow our business logic and the rules of children’s publication, so as to defend the conscience and business values of ourselves and the copyright of children’s publication in China.