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Chunfeng Literature & Art Publishing House Co., Ltd.

Piggy Grunt

by Sun Youjun Apr. 2013 9787531332091

  More than 10 million copies have been sold. A complete annotation of “Fools have fortune”. Chinese Forrest Gump of children's literature. Classical works of the first Chinese writer and illustrator nominated for Hans Christian Andersen Award. Once upon a time, there is a little pig. When he is eating, he always says “grunt, grunt, the food tastes so great ”…

  Worldwide rights

To Be A Cock So Hard

by Chang Xingang Apr. 2013 9787531344346

  South Korea Cultural Sports Tourism Department Excellent Books Award. An inspirational growth adventure. If you are a chicken, do not be born in a farm; if you were unfortunately, you'd better be a hen who can lay eggs. But if you're like me, a cockerel in a farm, then you need to read this story to know how to survive...

  South Korean rights sold

Tall Mouse & Short Cat

by Zhou Rui Apr. 2009 9787531333203

  Millions of copies have been sold. When gentleman Mr. Mouse meets cute Miss Kitty, humorous, inspiring, softhearted short campus stories coming...

  Worldwide rights

First Grade So Busy!

by Zhu Lihong Apr. 2011 9787531339731

  Millions of copies have been sold. Specially designed for children by a primary school teacher. The humorous reproduction of Chinese primary school life. Oh, no, I'm going to school. I'm so busy!!

  Worldwide rights

The Adventures of Rag Doll

by Sun Youjun Apr. 2009 9787531332107

  The first Chinese work nominated for Hans Christian Andersen Award. Necessary book for every library of primary school and secondary school.

  Worldwide rights

This Is the 24 Solar Terms (4 Volumes)

by Gao Chunxiang, Shao Min Illustrated by Xu Mingzhen, Li Jing Sept. 2015 9787511026118

  The book tells a story of a little girl, Yaya, who visits her grandparents in the countryside and experiences the changes of 24 solar terms throughout the year there. Opening this book, together with Yaya, you will have a journey of experiencing traditional Chinese folk festivals, learning about old rituals, reciting ancient poems on solar terms, observing animals and plants, and listening to the language of nature.

  All rights excluding Arabian countries

Learn about Self-Management Fairy Tales of Waiwai Rabbit Growing Independent (10 Volumes)

by Chen Mengmin Aug. 2014 9787511020772

  The book systematically lists main issues children will face from the high level of kindergarten to the low-middle level of primary school. It helps accustom children to the new environment in the primary school from perspectives of independent character, learning capacity, and social adjustment, which allows them to go smoothly through both the adaptation to the external environmental change and the transformation of self-role.

  Worldwide rights

Naughty Human Beings History of Science for Children

by Laoduo Dec. 2016 9787556226542

  This book uncovered the achie v ements of great s c i e n t i s t s i n e x p l o r i n g t ruth through thousands of years, and discussed their enlightenment and promotion to the later civilization. There are more than 140 beautiful hand drawings in these books which can help children carry on communication with the giants in the field of science in relaxation and joy.

  Worldwide rights; Sri Lankan rights sold

Taste of Happiness (Sweet Soup Ball is Rolling, Dumpling is Smiling,

Rice Dumpling is Getting Naked, Steamed Bread is Transforming)

by Xian Ge and Mo Jie Sept. 2017 9787512133594 9787512133464 9787512133471 9787512133600

  This is a serie of origin picture books (4 in all) about traditional Chinese food and culture. It costs two mothers two years to elaborately create Taste of happiness which has unique warmth of mother. In children’s memory mother and father were able to do some magic in simply food and turned it into delicious one. Those dumpling ,steamed bread, sweet soup balls and rice dumpling are filled up with the aroma of love. The aftertaste left some sweet and warm marks in children’s mind. It is the taste of childhood the taste of mother and father the taste of family and the taste of happiness.

  Worldwide rights

New School of Cool Bugs Series ( 36 Volumes )

by Wu Xiangmin Illustrated by Xia Ji’an and Zhuang Jianyu Nov. 2017 9787544851602

  This Series contains 36 Volumes, including the class of beetle, winged insect and miscellaneous bug. This Series tells about a lot of interesting and funny stories happening in the school of cool bugs.

  French, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Farsi and Chinese Traditional rights Sold

Bird in the Cloud

by Bai Bing; Illustrated by Yu Rong Nov. 2012 9787544826808

  The story is based on the author's own life experience, While the words are few, the narrative's ideas are richly conveyed in the illustrations.

  Arabic, Turkish, Swedish, English (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and Singapore), Chinese Traditional, Japanese Rights Sold

Little Red Riding Hood from the Forest

by Han Xu Nov. 2016 9787544846233

  Little Red Riding Hood, always curious about the world, wants to visit her grandmother across the forest alone. But she can’t see her way, what difficulties would she encounter?

  Arabic, Vietnamese, Swedish and French Rights Sold

The Turtle Family Goes to the Sea

by Zhang Ning Oct. 2016 9787544845182

  The book applies the unique method of embroidery patch and cloth cutting embroidery. The fabric used is cotton and linen, both machine-woven and hand-woven. The dyeing methods are Scrape pulp dyeing, batik and tie-dyeing, as well as dyeing with tool holders by the author. Collage techniques and multi- layered cloth dyeing effect add dimension to the illustrations, making them unique and artistic. Arabic, Vietnamese and Swedish Rights Sold

Blackcrane’s Animal Novels Series (6 Volumes)

by Blackcrane Jun. 2017 9787544844604

  This series includes 6 representative works written by famous animal novel writer, the “son of nature” Black Crane. The stories originate from his childhood memory and realistic experience, and are written strictly according to animal behavior. The books tell the life and death and destiny of animals.

  One title of this series “Black Flame” has sold to Vietnam, Canada, Germany, France, South Korea and Egypt

The Repository of Classic Series for Children (6 Volumes)

  by Miao Desui and li Xiaopeng etc. Illustrated by Guo Jing and Wang Ying etc. Aug. 2017 9787544848909

  This series is designed for the teenagers from 8 to 14. The works in this series are all the classics of natural and social sciences that have significant impact on the development of human society. This series of books will help the readers establish a solid base of knowledge, broaden their view, help themfind their own interests, and embrace their dreams.

  Chinese Traditional Rights sold; One title sold to Sri Lanka

A New Year’s Reunion

by Yu Liqiong, Zhu Chengliang Jan. 2007 9787533255879

  Little Maomao’s father works in faraway places and comes home only once a year, for Chinese New Year. He makes repairs to the house, takes Maomao out on New Year events, and hides a lucky coin into the rice ball for her to find, as a ritual. But all too soon it is time for Papa to go away again. The story reveals the affection between a father and a daughter when the Chinese images of lanterns, dragon dance, and spring couplets are lively presented in the illustrations.

  All rights excluding UK Korea, Japan, France

The Diary of Smiling Cat

by Yang Hongying 2006-2018 9787533282431

  The Diary of Smiling Cat Series is one of the most successful series written by Yang Hongying. The series includes 24 volumes of fantasy stories based on the real life of Chinese children. The series adopts the form of diary writing and makes the pet cat of a girl named Du Zhenzi the narrator. The series creates a literary world combining illusion and reality where animals and childr en communicate with each other freely. The humorous and sentimental stories are rich in a philosophical and humane way.

  Worldwide rights

Grow into Myself

by Chang Xingang Sept. 2014 9787555211136

  This book focuses on Children’s life. Pan Chunchun is going through a hard childhood. His family pin their hopes on him, but he has no eager to become a well-known figure from an ordinary one. Can he push through obstacles and grow into himself ?

  Worldwide rights

Journey of the world in VR

by Jiang Lu; Illustrated by Wang Yizhu Apr. 2018 9787559608345

  It is a journey starting from the south of Europe, and readers can be addicted to the beautiful scenery along the road. With the use of VR technology, readers can enjoy themselves in the lifelike experience at home. Worldwide rights

Daylight Publishing House

Collected Works of Cao Wenxuan (7 Titles)

by Cao Wenxuan Sept. 2014 9787501607846


  The boy Sangsang spent his six years of unforgettable life in the Sesame Field Primary School and witnessed and experienced a series of usual but touching and striking stories.

  Serbian, South Korean, German, Vietnamese, Zelanian, Australian, Spainish, South American, Italian, Arabic, Russian rights sold


  This is a story about a boy called Bronze and a girl called Sunflower. Their friendship and their life could be composed into an eternal melody. In this book, the author uses the pure and melodious song of childhood to describe people’s elegant life in fighting against hardships.

  Romanian, Turkish, Spainish, Vietnamese, British, Zelanian, Australian, Indian, American, German, Italian, South Korean, Slovenian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian rights sold


  This is a striking story features people’s subtle nature and feeling. The author carves a boy’s inner world out of his elegant words.

  South Korean, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian rights sold


  This is a soul-shaking novel discussing sufferings and dignity, which integrates the theme of life and destiny and an elegant aesthetic realm.

  South Korean, Japanese rights sold


  This fiction is highly readable, and it will also set the readers to ponder and enable them to gain a lot when finishing the story.

  Worldwide rights


  This is a collection of Cao Wenxuan’s short stories, which includes excellent works such as The Orange Tree and The Wild Windmill. Most of these stories are set in a pastoral background. The pure and beautiful language endows scenes which might be commonly seen in rural areas with an elegant and poetic realm. Japanese rights sold


  This is a collection of Cao Wenxuan’s short stories, which includes over ten excellent works such as The Red Gourd and The Eleventh Red Strip. The Triangle Land has been adapted into a movie. Worldwide rights


by Cao Wenxuan Apr. 2017 9787501612178

  In this book, a delicate but powerful writing style is used to depict a boy’s loneliness and unyieldingness and tell a story of respecting and protecting

  the childlike innocence.

  Worldwide rights


by Cao Wenxuan Aug. 2017 9787501613137

  This book tells a story about the love between father and son. During children’s self-growth, it is the protection and companionship of family that play the most important role.

  Worldwide rights

  Zhejiang Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House Co., Ltd.

Charlie IX & Dodomo (27 volumes)

by Leon Image Jan. 2011 9787534297342

  DODOMO, who is curious about everything and takes it for granted that everything naturally has an answer, is trusted and appreciated by the “Ancient Guardian” by chance and given a mysterious land badge. Then he assumes the task to eliminate the mysteries and protect human world together with his friends.

  All rights excluding Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, UK

Aqua Pixie Kakasha

by Tang Tang Dec. 2016 9787534299957

  Because of a broken kite, Tudou became acquainted with Granny Blue, who lived by the grain-basking field. It turned out that Granny Blue was an aqua pixie named Kakasha and the lake, where she used to live, had dried up, so Kakasha had no choice but to move to the human world…It is a story of faith and persistence.

  All rights excluding Australia

Naughty Boy Ma Xiaotiao (25 volumes)

by Yang Hongying Feb. 2013 9787534294303

  The plots mainly feature the joyful lives and interesting stories about a boy named Ma Xiaotiao, his parents, teachers and schoolmates. This series highlights the nature and playfulness of children, explores and analyzes the gap and misunderstanding between the adult world and children’s world, and advocates the communication with children.

  Worldwide Rights

Dream of Being the Wolf King

by Shen Shixi Oct. 2009 9787534256301

  The story is about ideal and dream. The main character is a female wolf named Zi Lan. The story starts when she is about to deliver. Her husband has died, with an unrealized dream of being the wolf king. Zi Lan decides to accomplish his dream. Raising her babies to be the king becomes her lifetime goal.

  French, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysian, Indian, Mongolian, Polish, Iranian, Romanian, Bangladeshi, Bulgarian, Pakistan, Albanian rights sold

Stories of 12 Symbolic Animals (12 volumes)

by Zheng Yuanjie Dec. 2015 9787534290701

  Each volume tells the stories about one animal of China’s 12 symbolic animals. Zheng Yuanjie, the master of fairytales, created these stories in a different angle, giving children complete fresh enjoyment. His works not only bring readers pleasure, but also a lot of positive energy.  Worldwide Rights

Nono and Soso

by Ren Rongrong Apr. 2018 9787559706522

  This book includes some of Ren Rongrong’s short stories and the most famous story. Nono and Soso which was written 60 years ago and has been loved by three generations. Nono always said no to everything; Soso was very forgetful. Their adventures are interesting and imaginative, also has educational meanings to young readers.

  Worldwide Rights

The Petrel Publishing House Co., Ltd.

An’s Seed

by Wang Zaozao, Huang Li Dec. 2008 9787535062888

  Three little monks each received a thousand-year-old lotus seed from the master and were bent on planting them to harvest the most beautiful lotus blossoms. The story is just like a crystal clear pool of water in the summer washing the impatience of modern society.

  French , South Korean,and Taiwanese rights sold


  by Xiao Mao, Li Chunmao, Zhang Yanghong Dec. 2008 9787535062925

  There are many kids here. Every one is playing something for fun. Only Sisi is sitting there alone. What’s wrong with her? Why does she join others?

  French, South Korean, and Taiwanese rights sold

Forg & Boy

by Xiao Mao, Chen Wei, Huang Xiaomin Dec. 2011 9787535062901

  A boy seems to be competing with a frog. After a series of comparison, the boy finally go back to his life of being a boy. What a long way!

  Taiwanese rights sold

Xinjiang Juvenile Publishing House

Friedship to Rent

by Fang Suzhen Jan. 2014 9787559015266

  A humorous fairytale, a sentimental story makes readers sad, a cordial story about friendship. It tells the loneliness of humanity as well as the sincerity of human communication. It is suitable for parents to read for their kids and good for kids to read them together.

  Worldwide rights

Sun, Moon, Mountain, Water (4 volumes)

by Liu Liangpeng, Zhang Huijing Sept. 2017 9787508674339

  This Sun, Moon, Mountain, Water picture book series takes the individual unique and charming oracle bone scripts and creates interesting stories for them based on their meaning and what they look like. The format of the book is like a scroll, enhancing its engaging experience and lets readers see each character in a new light; letting the image become the word and the word become the image. In addition, there are 4 cute flipbook animations included.

  Worldwide rights

Butterfly Lover: Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai

by Tang Yaming Oct. 2015 9787508654645

  Having gained the Central Academy Awards, this book is a gift of love and beauty for each child. The writer spent one year in polishing this book, he combined the elements of shadow plays with the composition of traditional ink paints. Yu Hongcheng, the illustrator, condensed the Butterfly Love Story of Liang and Zhu into 17 beautiful scenes, so that readers can easily understand the love and beauty in Chinese traditional culture when appreciating the pictures.

  Worldwide rights

Monster Come,Monster Go

  by Wang Zibao & Sun Jie Aug. 2016 9787508662855

  It fully liberates children’s imagination and arouses creation! Apart from Godzilla and dinosaurs, what other monsters are there in the world? Monster Come, Monster Go will give you a satisfactory answer! In the universe, there exists the human society with strict rules, but also there is the bizarre monster world! In the monster world, the cute monsters not only look odd and react strangely, they also behave differently. They try all the things that we want but dare not to do. Let us step into the world and begin an exciting ‘monster tour’!

  Worldwide rights

A Hungry Snail

by Che Lijiao Aug. 2016 9787508662862

  This book consists of ultra- realistic hand-paints that are worth collecting. It profoundly restitutes the subtle nature, vividly cultivates children's observation, and leads the children to learn a variety of plants and insects. After a light rain, a small snail stuck out his tentacles. He was so hungry that he began to find his favorite food—shoots. Along the journey, he accidentally got a ride from bunny, and with the help from slug, escaped his predator, hedgehog. Later, he met an enthusiastic cricket, and a carefree little ladybug...What would happen between them? Could small snail finally find the shoots?

  Worldwide rights

A Hunter with a Dog

by Liu Liangpeng, Zhang Huijing Oct. 2017 9787508681986

  There was a small village at the foot of a mountain. The villagers were living on farming. But the crops in the fields were often destroyed by the wild boars from the forest. After a failure on chasing on the wild boars, a villager determined to become a hunter to hunt the wild boars. So he began to learn archery. But it was not easy to learn. After his efforts, he finally could shoot more accurately. Then he went to the forest to hunt wild boars. With the help of his dog, he found a wild boar and started shooting. Finally, the wild boar was shot by his arrow, and fell into the trap on the way of escaping. In the end, the hunter caught the wild boar and the villagers had a harvest year.

  Worldwide rights

100000 Whys (6th Edtion)

by Han Qide Feb. 2014 9787532492855

  It consists of 18 books, in each of which there are 250—300 whys. The series focuses on the high tech and hot topics that teenagers are interested in. Many good quality photos are used as illustrations so that young readers can appreciate the beauty of technology.

  All rights excluding Vietnam, Egypt, Malaysia

Sanmao (Collection Edition)

by Zhang Leping Feb. 2017 9787558900600

  Sanmao is a comic character created by Zhang Leping in 1935, the name Sanmao meaning "three hairs" in Chinese. The character has been drawn with the trademark three strands of hair, which implies malnutrition as a result of poverty. He suffered desolation and bullying, but cherished kindness and responsibility.

  All rights excluding France

SiChuan Children’s Publishing House

Jiang Xiaoya’s school life

by Bei Mao Oct. 201 79787536584686, 9787536586939787536584709, 9787536584716

  Are you remember Mi Xiaoquan’s friend named Jiang Xiaoya? How do they know each other? What things have they experienced on the road of friendship? And what does the new campus life mean for Jiang Xiaoya? Let’s go and see what's going on.

  Worldwide rights

Mi Xiaoquan’s school life by Bei Mao Mar. 2018

9787536587694 9787536587724 9787536587717 9787536587700 9787536587731 9787536587755 9787536587748 9787536587762 9787536587793 9787536587786 9787536587809 9787536587779

  Mi Xiaoquan became six and went to primary school. However, there are many differences between primary school and kindergarten. He had playful classmates and homework to do, but he made lots of friends. For him, the life of primary school is interesting and busy. The series includes 12 titles: Mi Xiaoquan’s school life(Grade 1), including I am a Pupils, Look at the family, Mouse is a dog, My friend named Tie Tou; Mi Xiaoquan’s school life(Grade 2), including Trouble with new deskmate, Little secrets of nature, Happy life, If I have a time machine; Mi Xiaoquan’s school life(Grade 3), including The funny king is coming, Little naughty and old urchin, Come on! Football player, I have a follower.

  Worldwide rights

Fudan University Press Co., Ltd.

My Very First Book of Chinese Characters(1st & 2nd Series)

by Little Elephant Chinese Character Workshop May 2016 9787309122824

  It is a set of beginner's level books for the children aged 3-5 to learn Chinese, including the basic and everyday life pictographic single Chinese characters. The books have unique format design, and the pages can flip and turn showing images, oracles and the relevant Chinese characters, which greatly increase the fun in reading. The books are also bilingual, in both Chinese and English, aiming to help Chinese overseas and non-native Chinese learners to grasp Chinese characters easily.

  All rights excluding France

Nature Observation Picture Book Series

by Rui Dongli; Illustrated by Tian Fengqing Jan. 2017

  The series wonderfully blends natural knowledge in six simple but warm stories and presents the beauty of different plants. Furthermore, each book provides a hands- on experiment page for children to play with during natural education activities.

  Worldwide rights

  A Rainbow of Plants


  The book tells a story of the mother of little squirrel Tao Tao and his friends drawing a beautiful rainbow together by using seven different colors of plants for his birthday.

  Fly, Fly, Dandelion


  By reading a fun story, this book helps kids to know all kinds of small hairy fruits and seeds.

  The Wizard in the Woods


  This book helps children to learn about different soil animals in the woods and how the soil animals decompose fallen leaves.

  Where Is Baby Leaf’s Mommy


  The book designs fun games for kids to learn about different types of leaves.

  Looking Weird


  This story tells the differences of many insects and their homes.

  The Shadow Monster


  The book tells a story of some children trying to help the birds in the park from being killed by a cat. How do they save those birds?

Early Childhood Enlightenment Series

by Zhao Zhenwan 2014-2015

  This series of "Early Childhood Enlightenment Series" covers folk tales, fairy tales, festivals stories, legends and famous medical men, sages, celebrities, emperors, wise children, scientists, resourcefulness and so on. It includes 20 sub series, 80 books in total. In order to let the children understand the vast ancient world and political changes, scientific development and literary and artistic achievements, this series of books use the most refined text and vivid illustrations, presenting to children. The "Early Childhood Enlightenment Series" won the first National Book Award. Ji Chang Learns Archery in the series won the 1997 American World's Best Children's Book Award.

  The list of the 20 series:

  Chinese ancient legends Stories of chinese proverbs

  Stories of chinese children education Ancient chinese myths

  Stories of ancient chinese sages Stories of folk customs

  Chinese fables

  Stories of young wisdom Chinese kings and emperors Ancient chinese scientists

  Ancient chinese ballads

  Ancient chinese famous doctors Ancient chinese jokes

  Ancient chinese poems

  Ancient chinese famous generals Stories of famous scenic sites in china Ancient chinese famous scholars

  Ancient chinese famous prime ministers Stories of chinese poems and books Stories of chinese wisdom